The day prior to or following the AGM a one-day conference is organised, which is open to all those interested in technical communication. Admission is free. Originally, the AGM and the Colloquium took place in Brussels. Since 2007 the AGM and Colloquium can take place in any city in Europe.

Our next colloquium will take place in Porto.

  • 2016: The next big thing – Porto (Portugal)
  • 2015: Riding the waves of change- Brussels (Belgium)
  • 2014: Our core skills – Aix-en-Provence (France)
  • 2013: Mobile communications – Brussels (Belgium)
  • 2012: Technical communication and readership – Aveiro (Portugal)
  • 2011: The impact of European directives and standards on technical communication – Brussels (Belgium)
  • 2010: A new decade for technical communication – Paris (France)
  • 2009: Trends and methods – Stockholm (Sweden)
  • 2008: Bologna (Italy)